• Turboexpanders

    Natural gas processing and treating is typically based on the inner cooling cycle that uses expansion of the gas within the turboexpander as a source of cold. A turboexpander, or expansion turbine, is a radial in-flow or centrifugal turbine capable of efficient extraction of energy from any high-pressure gas being expanded through it. Turboexpanders are typically used to provide industrial refrigeration, like in the cryogenic treatment of natural gas to extract ethane, butane, and propane or to extract nitrogen, oxygen, helium, and argon from air. Turboexpanders are also used for power recovery from high-pressure letdown and geothermal electricity generation. The energy extracted is available to drive a load device.

  • Compressors

    Vast amount of experience acquired by implementing gas compressor stations projects gives Premium Energy team the edge in finding the most efficient solutions for your gas compression needs.

  • Plate Fin Heat Exchangers

    Brazed Aluminum Plate Fin Heat Exchangers (BAHX) are one of the key components of any modern cryogenic gas processing or an air separation plants.

  • Natural & Associated Petroleum Gas Treatment

    We take into consideration many factors to choose a specific gas treatment scenario back at the feasibility study stage of the project. Some of these factors are environment condition and regulations for the sulfur-containing substances, source gas specification, contaminant content and impurities concentration, gas product requirements, volume of source gas that has to be treated, etc.

  • Air Separation

    There are three types of air separation units widely used today for Nitrogen and Oxygen production, namely: cryogenic (air is separated by low-temperature rectification); adsorption (air is separated by adsorbing specific components) and membrane (air separation due to different speed of its components through bundles of separating membranes).

  • Steam turbine drivers for the feed pumps

    There is a perspective option to improve effective power management by using a small steam turbine as a driver for the feed pumps, air coolers and blowers within the boiler facility. While VFD disturbs the power grid by using additional electric energy, a steam turbine utilizes a power of the ‘free’ steam that is otherwise blown out of the chimney. There is an option of utilizing the steam downstream of the turbine for centralized heating.

  • Liquefaction of the natural gas

    Natural gas is second only to coal as a worldwide source of energy. Liquefied natural gas (LNG) share in natural gas transportation and consumption is increasing. It is small wonder that LNG process solutions and associated equipment offered by Chart are becoming increasingly critical for the international industries.

  • Gas turbines

    Premium Energy specializes on gas turbines and gas compressors solutions for natural gas extraction and transportation; natural gas treatment, including associated petroleum gas, gas condensate; crude transmission; water- and steam- flooding and energy production. Gas turbines increase the efficiency of natural hydrocarbons fuels, lowers the energy costs and allows for use of heat energy. Gas turbines are renowned as a familiar and reliable hardware for the energy industry.