Plate Fin Heat Exchangers

Chart Energy & Chemicals was the first in the world to start the production of brazed aluminum plate-fin heat exchangers (BAHX for short). In the early 1950-s a technology of brazing aluminum sheets with a hard alloy has been adopted and in mid-1980-s a process of vacuum brazing large HX blocks has been utilized in the production.

Premium Energy LLC as an official distributor of Chart E&C, readily offers sophisticated plate-fin BAHXs that pass the stringent requirements and stand up to demands of the modern gas treatment and atmospheric gases production processes.


Chart’s BAHX may be supplied as individual blocks, modular coldboxes or integrated solutions, consisting of ready-to-use coldboxes, separators, connecting pipelines, valves, instruments and measuring devices and flanged connections to ease the stress on the installation.

In most cases, BAHX will take as little as 20% of the plant space that a shell-and-tube heat-exchanger with similar characteristics will require. Besides, it’s multi-flow design feature gives a valuable packaging advantage several process streams are all handled by a single compact BAHX instead of a series of shell-and-tube HXs.

All of the heat exchangers manufactured by Chart E&C, are designed individually to suit specific heat transfer and pressure requirements of each Customer. Advanced software and sophisticated digital processes are used to cope with design, calculations, 3D modelling, stress analysis, thermal transfer analysis. A plug and play approach to integrating Chart equipment into the existing control systems of the Client is possible by supplying control panels with a stable and friendly interface.