Premium Energy engineers harvested an immense amount of experience during a decade of building compressor stations. Because of that, our company is able to offer solutions that effectively deal with virtually any Customer requirements.

Once the requirements are clear and the task is set, Premium Energy specialists are able to tailor an optimal combination of equipment for a compressor station in a minimal amount of time due to experience with a variety of different compressor hardware vendors around the globe. Design, procurement and installation of the equipment will take up a very short time frame afterwards.

For example to tend to the task of collecting and transporting small amounts of low pressured (@ 0.01-0.03 MPa – 1,5 – 4,5 Psig) associated petroleum gas, screw compressors mounted in a modular housing allows to optimize compression HP and effectively manage both capital and operational expenses.

However, when higher discharge pressures of associated petroleum gas are required, screw compressors give way to reciprocating machines. Higher discharge pressure of the latter (40.0 MPa and higher) allows to attend a wider range of associated petroleum gas utilization tasks such as gaslift and reinjection.


In cases where a large amount of natural gas needs to be transported or compressed, centrifugal compressors should be considered. Those units combine large volumes of compressed gas (80-100 mscm per hour) with high discharge pressures (up to 27.0 MPa) wihch allows to effectively deal with nearly all of the associated petroleum gas utilization tasks.

It’s worthwhile mentioning that any type of compressor may be driven by a variety of motors (typically electric motors, reciprocating engines, gas or steam turbines). This makes the task of choosing an optimal combination of compressor hardware even more complicated.

When all the factors are considered, it becomes obvious that choosing an effective compressor equipment combination is a decisive challenge. It should therefore be considered a good practice to assign this crucial task to experienced professionals.

Premium Energy LLC has the necessary knowledge and qualification to deliver effective compressor solutions in a shortest amount of time.