Spare parts and field service

Aftermarket Equipment Expertise

Premium Energy LLC is leading the way in aftermarket repair, redesign, maintenance and spare parts production for all OEM turboexpanders and compressors worldwide. With over five years of innovative turboexpander and compressor service and design, our engineering knowledge and application expertise with turboexpanders extends to hydrocarbon processing, air separation, refrigeration, geothermal and other power recovery applications.  We perform “flange to flange” aftermarket work and customer service on various turboexpander and compressor units: centrifugal, reciprocating, screw compressors, turboexpander-compressors, turboexpander-generators and turboexpander-dyno (brake) units utilizing oil and active magnetic bearings from a variety of OEMs.


Turboexpander engineering is our core competence and our people are our key asset. Innovative design, coupled with precision machining and assembly results in reliable, high performance turboexpander equipment whether this is applied to individual parts, standalone mechanical center sections or a turboexpander skid package with an auxiliary lubrication system and programmable logic control. We are specialists in turboexpanders. With a best-in-class team of mechanical, physical and fluid processing engineers who have, on average, 17+ years of direct experience combined with our field service personnel averaging more than 20 years of hands-on turboexpander troubleshooting, you have the best minds and hands working to solve your equipment problems.

Spare parts for turboexpanders and compressors

Premium Energy LLC supplies the highest quality spare parts available. By leveraging our engineering expertise, turboexpander market knowledge and manufacturing experience, we can provide spare parts for any make or model of expander in service today. If the original equipment drawings are not available, we can perform reverse engineering of the existing components and create new drawings. Contact the Aftermarket department today to learn how Premium Energy can help your company with high quality replacement parts. Our field service technicians specializing in rotating equipment operation and maintenance are also available to install new or repaired parts, provide evaluations, perform preventative service and fix problems.

Mechanical Spare Parts

• Expander and Compressor Wheels
• Shafts
• Nozzle rings and nozzle segments
• Heat Barrier Walls
• Bearings
• Seal Rings
• Seals and Gaskets

Instrumentation/Controls Spare parts

• Vibration probes and transmitters
• Speed probes and transmitters
• Control systems and HMI Displays